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DL Series Embossed Doors

DL-EMB Series Embossed Panel doors are specified to Levels 1-3 extra heavy-duty 16 gauge and 3/16" hinge thread engagement. Premium door construction combines pan-style panels with optional lock-side bevel, and full height center seam projection welded edges. Tests prove the DL Series Embossed door has a high resistance to impacts, low thermal conductivity and high STC ratings.

Available in 18 gauge (limited 16 gauge) 1-, 2-, 4-, 6-, and 2-panel high definition designs. The 6-panel EG provides two visible panels with glass (by others). Sunburst design glass cutout with four visible panels also available.



Strength, durability and ease of installation

  • Polystyrene core system, laminated to both steel faces, enhancing the structural integrity of the whole door and providing the benefit of enhanced thermal performance (STC 35 / U=0.45 / R=2.18 per ASTM 1363)
  • Optional STC 40 available on 6-panel design
  • Square edge design allows for non-handed inventory control in local distribution. Optional lock edge bevel 1/8" over 2" (~3˚)
  • Hinge and lock edges are reinforced with continuous 16 gauge steel channel the full height of the door, welded at a max 5" OC (optional 10 gauge hinge and 14 gauge lock channel with DE Series)
    • Universal standard/heavy weight hinges are used with hinge fillers to allow for easy modification from heavy to standard weight hinge preps
    • Standard visible edges may be filled seamless, intermittently stitch welded and filled, or continuously welded and filled
  • Top flush and bottom inverted channels provide excellent door stability with 16 gauge steel channels, projection welded at a max 2-1/2" OC
  • 16 gauge mortise or cylindrical lock reinforcements are of an integral type in accordance with ANSI A115 standards
  • Full glass lite with 2-panel emboss and 4-panel sunburst light kits are available (no glass unless noted)
  • Standard A40 galvanealled in 20, 18, 16 gauge skins (16 gauge only available in 6-panel and 4-panel designs)
  • Also available in DP Series, 18 gauge 2 panel HD, 6 panel, 6 panel for 8 ft

Exceeds industry standards

  • Republic is SDI Certified through regular audits to ensure manufacturing, performance and quality standards set by the Steel Door Institute
  • Overall door construction exceeds ANSI A250.8-2017 (SDI-100), the standard set by SDI specifying sizes, design, materials, construction, finishing and performance for standard commercial steel doors and frames
  • Hardware preparations and reinforcements meet ANSI A250.6-2003, and locations meet ANSI/DHI A115, unless otherwise stated
  • Doors meet the broadest fire rating requirements; they are listed for installations requiring compliance to both neutral pressure testing (ASTM E152 and UL-10B) and positive pressure standards (UL-10C)
  • Factory-applied baked-on rust inhibiting primer meets ANSI A250.10-2011

Typical applications

Panel doors for a more customized architectural aesthetic.

Technical Data Guide

For more information, download the Republic Technical Data Manual.

  • DL-EMB Series (Pages 12-25), thermal & sound (p 26), fire rated (p 98-99), miscellaneous TOC (p 107), door options (p 108-116), paint (p 117-118), vision kits (p 23, 119), standard hardware locations (p 121-130), specification 08110 (p 22, 131-135)