As our customers are well aware, the business of steel doors and frames requires expertise.  This is why Republic enlists the best trainers in the industry to ensure your employees and ours are informed, up to date, and ready to apply their skills. 

We offer instructor-led training and webinars on Republic's hollow metal products, pricing, and ordering - contact your Allegion representative for more information, or to schedule a class.   

Additionally, SDI offers a variety of installation and troubleshooting videos on their website for support.

Republic Training Courses

Republic Pricing & Ordering Tips

In-person class or webinar available

  • This class will show you how to use the Republic Price Book to price both frames and doors.  The class will also discuss the information Republic needs to process your order with minimal follow up
    • Course Length: 2 hours for in-person class, 2 hours for webinar
  • Topics covered:
    • Price book organization
    • Pricing frames and doors
    • Information required for a complete order
  • Who should attend
    • Distributor personnel responsible for pricing and ordering Republic doors and frames

Republic Door & Frame Fundamentals

In-person class or webinar available

  • If you need a quick introduction to Republic doors and frames, this concise 3-hour course will meet your needs
    • Course Length: 3 hours for in-person class, 2 hours for webinar
  • Topics covered:
    • Republic frame series
    • Anchors and reinforcements
    • Republic door series
    • Republic frame and door nomenclature
  • Who should attend:
    • Distributer personnel who work with Republic hollow metal products